Coronavirus has Forever Changed the Way We Fly

Stay Clean. Stay Safe.

The airlines have announced what most of us already feared. Travel now requires personal protective equipment to minimize contact and spread of the infectious Coronavirus disease (COVID-19). Our world has changed, and so has the way we travel and connect with others. Expectations and etiquette have changed also. Facemasks, gloves, seat covers, booties, and wipes are now standard operating procedure. Shop Now.

Many people are avoiding travel right now, but TravelClean has curated an essential set of recyclable personal protection equipment to help you stay healthy and safe when traveling. Each TravelClean Kit is heat sealed for safety and is small enough to pack in your luggage or personal carry-on. The kit includes a protective mask, gloves, booties, multiple disinfectant wipes, and a clean, breathable seat cover. And yes, corporate accounts are available - contact us here.