GROSS: Your Airplane Seat Is A Breeding Ground For Germs

Did you know that there are more germs on your airplane, train, movie, and subway seats than in a public restroom?

Thousands of people sit in every movie, airplane, train, subway, bus, and rental car there before you – leaving behind gross germs, disgusting filth, and hidden surprises? Armrests, doors, railings, seats, and tray tables are covered in bacteria, viruses like CORONAVIRUS, flu, fecal matter, or worse. Flying is the most common way to get sick.

Introducing TravelClean, the travel kit designed to keep the germs and grime of other people and passengers off you.  Each disposable kit contains a protective seat shield made of soft, durable, and recyclable fabric to separate you from the germs, viruses, sweat, smells and who knows what else from the thousands that sat there before you. TravelClean also contains a protective surgical face mask, disposable rubber gloves, tough, hypoallergenic booties to keep your feet germ free when you take off your shoes. Plus 4 sanitizing wipes to clean your hands, and unsanitary surfaces. TravelClean also provides protection when you’re on a bus, train, rental car, and even in a movie theater.

Travel Clean is FAA Compliant.

If you are a business traveler, the last thing you want to do is to get sick on your trip or when things have stacked up when you get home.  Travelling is challenging enough so reduce the likelihood of getting sick with TravelClean.  Your employer may even pay for it.  Arrive feeling fresh and clean versus smelling like the 1000 people that sat in your seat before you.

Parents, when you travel with your children, getting to your destination with kids that are sick is something no one wants to deal with.  TravelClean is an inexpensive tool to help you defeat the challenges of travel and enjoy your vacation.

Moviegoers, have you ever seen one of those seats being cleaned???  We haven’t either!  It’s time to protect yourself from the food, spilled drinks, germs, sweat, and grim that the hundreds of people have left on your seat before you.