About Us

Did you know that there are more germs on your airplane, train, movie and subway seats than in a public restroom?

Located in Carlsbad, CA, Travel Clean was developed out of necessity in 2014. If you are a business travelerthe last thing you want to do is to get sick on your trip or when things have stacked up when you get home. Your employer may even pay for it. Parents, when you travel with your children, getting to your destination with kids that are sick is something no one wants to deal with. Travel Clean is an inexpensive tool to help you defeat the challenges of travel and enjoy your vacation.

Travel Clean has curated an essential set of recyclable personal protection equipment in a convenient kit to help you stay healthy and safe when traveling. Each kit is heat sealed for safety and is small enough you can easily pack them in your luggage or personal carry-on.

Our mission is to bring together people through convenient and efficient products and build a safer, healthy world to live in.